Printing to ZT610 and return RFID Tag

Hi All,

I have a ZT610 Label printer

I need to print a label with 5-6 Variables which is fine as I have designed the label in Zebra Designer and saved the ZPL Output,

I also want to extract the ID of the RFID Tag and print it on a barcode on the label so the operator can scan the Barcode if the RFID Tag fails, I think I can get this using the sample code,

Finally, I need the printer to send me back the RFID Tag ID so I can save it into a database for lookups later,

I have played around with the ZPL Samples from the Programming guide and I can get the RFID Tag printed on the label, how do I get this sent back to the PC

What is the best way to connect to the printer? I am currently just using USB but not sure if I can get the RFID Tag back from the printer using USB?