I haven't found out how to get a bluetooth connection to the printer working through Android. I pair to the printer but through code it will not even create the connection to be able to call .connect(). I have tried on a TC75 & Honeywell ScanPal EDA70. I see the bluetooth mac address in printer menu and pass it to the ConnectionBuilder.Current.Build("BT:" + address); But it still says Zebra.Sdk.Comm.ConnectionException: Could not open connection string "BT:F0:45:DA:AA:6F:2A". I have enabled all 3 bluetooth privileges in the manifest BLUETOOTH, BLUETOOTH_ADMIN, BLUETOOTH_PRIVILEGED. Using Zebra ZD620 and TC75 and they don't work connecting to each other. I can print using an IP Address and port, but if I try with bluetooth. NOTHING WORKS. Bluetooth paired to device also. Using Xamarin Android and VS 2017 15.7.4. I have also tried the developer demos and they fail to find the printer, although the Zebra Printer Setup Android App CAN connect and pair to it, as well as print a test page. Any help is appreciated. This doesn't find the printer... No discovered devices 0 even though the printer is paired to the device? GitHub - Zebra/LinkOS-Xamarin-Samples at ZSDK_DevDemos

            string address = "BT:F0:45:DA:AA:6F:2A"; <-- the address in the bluetooth settings on printer

                if ((connection == null) || (!connection.IsConnected))


                    // Instantiate a Bluetooth connection

                    connection = LinkOS.Plugin.ConnectionBuilder.Current.Build(address); <---- Fails here with error could not open connection string