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    Small true type font printing quality

    Kestutis Mikolajunas

      Problematic small font readability maybe wider question, eg. print label to use on pen.

      Here I has faced that Zebra Designer application produce worse quality printed small fonts compare to other label design software even MS Word.

      I did test, printed some text formatted in Arial system font normal and bold size 6 pk. on 203 dpi printer (TLP 2844, GK420t) on direct thermal label from Zebra Designer and MS Word. I had same setting (darkness, speed etc), use same zebradesigner driver. I has tested also from another desktop and is same. Please find attached final labels, where printed text is self descriptive.


      Any Ideas how to improve ZebraDesigner printed system font quality?

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          Robin West

          Hi Kestutis,

          You mentioned the print quality was better when printed through MS Word?  You could try increasing the print darkness setting in the driver.  Also make sure the color of the text is set to black.

          ZebraDesigner is much better at printing using the onboard printer fonts. If you look at the font list int he designer, select any of the ZEBRA fonts.  The output will be much cleaner.  For non-Zebra fonts, it has to try to render the text as an image. 

          If these suggestions don't help, please Contact Support .

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              Kestutis Mikolajunas

              Thank You for comment, Robin!


              Yes, exactly msword produce better rending, more clear lines. I has tested also nicelabel, bartender even libreoffice writer - in every case is significant better rending than render itselsf ZebraDesigner app. When font is relatively big, eg. 7 or 8 pk, then text is readable and is not big problem. But small fonts are not readable, eg. 4 or 5 pk. Bit better on 300 dpi printer.


              In my case is difficult to use printer fonts, because I need windows 1257 locale (Lithuanian) also sometimes central europe (German). And standard printer fonts do not print all letters I need.


              I read about free unicode swiss721 font, but did not tried yet to upload it to printer.

              I'm not sure, do I'll have it on ZebraDesigner app font list? Or only can use in case ZPL programming?

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                  Robin West

                  Hi Kestutis,

                  I understand and will provide this input to the product team that the rendering needs improvement. 

                  The onboard fonts and code pages are listed the the ZPL manual


                  To use a downloaded font with ZebraDesigner,

                  1. You have to download it separately to the printer.   Zebra Printer Setup can help with this.
                  2. You would need to send a single ZPL command at some point before doing any printing.  It only would need to be sent once.  ^XA^CW0,E:fontname.TTF^XZ  This will set any references to font 0 in the Designer output to print using your font: fontname.TTF.  Change the fontname to your font name (swiss721)
                  3. You need to use ZebraDesigner and set it to ZEBRA FONT 0 for all your text fields.


                  Does this make sense?


                  You can send this command using the driver: