RW 420 Printing Images Upside Down on some printers

Hi there,

I have two Zebra RW 420 printers

One prints receipts perfectly

Firmware version: S39028

Software version : SHSCG11x20

The other printer prints upside down

Firmware version: S39029

Software version : SHCRW11z52

I upgraded the software on the printer with errors to

Software version : SHCRW11Z62

My questions are?

Are we using the wrong software version in the first printer?

Is there a command we can use to send to ZPL so the print image works the same for both?

This is our code used for printing

          string setLanguage = "\r\n! U1 setvar \"device.languages\" \"zpl\"\r\n";


          String signatureFooter = "^XA^PON^PW500^MNN^LL500^LH15,0^CFD,9,5";


          printer.PrintImage(Zebra.Sdk.Graphics.ZebraImageFactory.GetImage(resizedCustomerImage), 0, 0, resizedCustomerImage.Width, resizedCustomerImage.Height, true);


          printer.Connection.Write(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("\r\n! U1 setvar \"device.languages\" \"line_print\"\r\n"));

Thanks for your help


Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Ronan,I would recommend

Hi Ronan,

I would recommend updating the firmware on both printers

The ^PON should make everything print the same direction.  The question is what do you consider right side up?  In ZPL, right side up (Normal rotation) is with the top of the label coming out of the printer last.  This is opposite direction from many printers.  It makes it so that if the printer is hanging from a belt or strap, a second person looking at the printer will see the printout hanging right side up.

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Ronan Egan
thanks,we fixed this by


we fixed this by changing language to CPL before printing images, CPL always uses the correct orientation

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