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    Get Status Of a Zebra Printer

    Nicolas Lesfori




      I would need to know how to get the status of the zebra printer in PHP if possible. Is there any way? or in another programming language? I connect to the printer through the Ip and port and I can print OK, but I need to know the status of it either by sending some command but I do not know how to get the answer.



      Thank you!






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          Robin West

          Hi Nicolas, You can definitely get status of the printer the same way you send print jobs. You will have to do a little parsing with PHP because we don't have an SDK for it, but it will work. You will need a TCP client and listener.

          Send the following:


          Then use the manual here to parse the response and show readable statuses to your users. 

          This will work on any ZPL label printer.

          If you are open to other languages, we have SDK's for Java and .NET that have standard GetStatus() commands to show current status of the printer, but under the covers, it's just using this command or a similar one. 

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