Trouble Connecting my ZD410 to Wifi

I recently got a ZD410, and easily got it running and printing labels from my laptop via USB. Now I'm trying to use Zebra Setup Utilities to configure my printer to connect to my home wifi network. I follow the steps, enter my ESSID and password and send to printer. My printer restarts and flashes, but the wifi/network connected light never turns on, and the device is never given an IP address via DHCP. I've also tried setting a static IP to no avail. Is there a common "gotcha" that I may be missing? What else should I try?

Thanks in advance!

Daniel Quagliana
Andrew, The Zebra Developer

Andrew, The Zebra Developer Portal forums are focused on answering software development questions. For connectivity and setup questions you are best served by contacting Zebra Support directly.

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