Label wrapping around feed roller (inside labeler)

Hi, This is related to a print problem that I had where the Backfeed setting was set to OFF.  Now that I have set the Backfeed to Default, our labels are printing correctly but now we occasionally get a label jammed or wrapped around the last feed bar as it's coming out of the printer.

105SL Plus 200 and 300dpi printers.  We have the Cutter Option on our labelers that was purchased and installed from Zebra.  I need to find out what settings I need to set the printer at so that the printer: prints the label correctly AND the cutter cuts the label after printing AND the next label does not get wrapped around the feeder bar.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions/ideas on how I can prevent the label from wrapping around the bar?

Thank you in advance for any help/support you can provide.

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I may need to do a slight backfeed (calculate how much just before the label passes back over the last feed bar) and change my printing points in Y.  Does this sound about right?


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Hi Christine, I know you

Hi Christine,

I know you contacted tech support on your other issue and didn't get the support you needed, but this is the type of issue that they handle well.  This forum is supposed to be for software development questions.  That being said, modifying the back-feed and label top settings are your best way to go, but I can't teal you the exact settings you need as I don't have a 105SL with a cutter.


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