Cut off the fixed length, then cut off the black label (ticket)


I need to cut off a piece of fixed length (ticket counterfoil) from the beginning of the ticket, then cut off the whole ticket by the mark.

For print one ticket:

1) ^XA^PR{2}^PON^LT0^LH0,0^JMA^MNN^LL{0}^LS{1}^XZ (Cut fixed length)

2) ^XA.......^XZ (Some data)

3) Here it is necessary to wait about 2000 milliseconds, otherwise the ZEBRA will skip the first black mark and cut off the second one.

4) ^XA^SS,,,{0}^XZ (set length)

5) ^XA^PR{3}^PON^LT0^LH0,0^JMA^MNM,{0}^ML{1}^LS{2}^XZ (Cut by black mark)

6) ^XA.......^XZ (Some data)

Everything works well.

But because of a pause in 2 seconds, there is a slow printing, how can you get away from a pause?

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Hi Nurlan,You could try using

Hi Nurlan,

You could try using the ^PQ command to pause the printer, then send the ~PS to restart.  This might make the printer react better and more predictably to the commands without the wait or as long of the wait.


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