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    GS1-128 Barcode width issue in my label template

    Mohanraj Kanagaraj



      I have an issue in GS1-128 barcode size, currently our barcode width having (14cm to 14.5cm) based on the below data ,


      But I need the barcode size (13cm to 13.5cm) with below data.


      Barcode Data:


      Data of the barcode having alpha numeric value, always like this "010403290000232521F1G9AMB107766990".


      ZPL Code used


      ^BY3^BCR,383,N,N^FD>:>8010403290000232521F1G9AMB>8107766990^FS - barcode width size (10.8cm)

      ^BY4^BCR,383,N,N^FD>:>8010403290000232521F1G9AMB>8107766990^FS- barcode width size (14.5cm)

      ^BY5^BCR,383,N,N^FD>:>8010403290000232521F1G9AMB>8107766990^FS- barcode width size (15.5cm)



      Printer model : Zebra 110xi4 300 dpi


      Please find the attachment of PRN file and kindly suggest.



      Mohanraj K