Multi rfid tags with same ID when printing in Zebra ZT410

Hello everyone,

I am working with Zebra ZT410 printer and i'm facing an issue when i print rfid tags. I send a ZPL command (below is the code) to write User Memory Bank Data into Confidex Silverline Classic tags (… ). The user data is well written, but when I use the demo app with the RFD8500 handheld i notice that five of nine tags written have the same tag ID (In code using tag.getTagId()), and two of nine tags also have the same tag ID.

I don't know how to ensure uniqueness in the tag ID (I think ID tag is unique per manufacturer), have you seen this problem before? and how to solve it? Or if i'm missing something.

This is my print code (The printer  was calibrated):







^FT32,274^A0N,34,33^FH\^FDTHIS IS 123456^FS



Thanks for reading

P.D: Sorry for my english