Configure ADF in datawedge to output data with parentheses


We are about to buy several MC330K and a couple Zebra tablets to use with the Dynamics NAV android APP. I have an MC330 that I have for testing purposes before buying. When we scan a barcode, the Dynamics NAV App is expecting to get the data in the human readable form to understand it. So, with the parentheses for a GS1-128 barcode. I have read a lot and I found out how to configure Datawedge on the devices to output this data form but I still have some doubts.

Here is where I am at:


I want to scan this barcode and output the data to my Dynamics NAV app just like this:


when I scan it, datawedge without configuration outputs it to me like this:

K0215171234567893151234563710 10103710

So I configure datawedge to do this:

replace string K02 with (02)

send next 17 characters

replace string 15 with (15)

send next 6 charactes (since the AI 15 is a 6 fixed character)

Heres is my doubt, what if instead of a AI 15 I had a AI 17, how do I tell it to replace one or the other?

Thanks for any help.

Pau Iglesias
I cant find any info on this.

I cant find any info on this. No one really needs to output the human readable test to their application? Does anyone have a profile with this configuration please?


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