How to launch different zpl in the printing process

Hello everyone, in the scenario I'm developing there is the need to make 3 different print formats. Each of the 3 prints could be in duplicate. To succed in this schenatio in my process i call 3 times :




To manage the number of copies, i use in myZpl string the ZPL command " ....   ^PQ2,1^XZ" if for example, the copies to be printed are 2. The zebra printer that i use is "IMZ320", my app is an Xamarin.Forms application.

If i print only "myZpl1" for second print i must touch the feed button in the printer. But if i need to print myZpl2 and myZpl3, the printer print the first "receipt" 2 times without the need for the user to press the button between one print and another, while for the other two "receipts" the process works correctly, ie the second printing takes place after it is pressed the feed button.

The problem remains even if I call the "connectionPrint.Write("")" method only once, merging the 3 print strings, while if I'm printing only 2, the process works correctly

Maybe i wrong something?