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    API3 Rel for RFD2000

    Marshall Ellis



      We have implemented the above version lib with the TC51 and the RFD8500 and all works well!

      We noted that this SDK is supposedly for both the RFD8500 and RFD2000 BUT when we try on the TC20/RFD2000 combo utilizing the SERVICE_SERIAL connection parm, our app simply hangs …


      Debug window shows:


      D/RFIDAPI3: SDK Version:

      D/RFIDAPI3: com.zebra.rfid.rfidmanager.RFIDService

      I/art: Thread[3,tid=8582,WaitingInMainSignalCatcherLoop,Thread*=0x7f79041e00,peer=0x12c81790,"Signal Catcher"]: reacting to signal 3

      I/art: Wrote stack traces to '/data/anr/traces.txt'


      Actual code pretty simply to connect...


      Readers rdrs = new Readers(DCCClientActivity.app, ENUM_TRANSPORT.SERVICE_SERIAL);

      available_readers = rdrs.GetAvailableRFIDReaderList();


      Hangs right where we are getting the available readers.


      Thanks in advance


      Marshall Ellis

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          Vyacheslav Sukhachev

          I got a same problem


          This behaviour were when Zebra RfidManager was not installed.



          Download and Install it from RFD2000 support page and will run correct.

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              Metin Alhan



              I have TC20 and RFD2000. I can't install rfid manager on TC20. I have an  error message: "Package corrupt". Then i tried to install with adb on terminal but i couldn't install this way. But i saw error message detail as below


              Package couldn't be installed in /data/app/com.zebra.rfid.rfidmanager-1 com.android.server.pm.PackageManagerException:

              Only allow TC20 EDA with 8 POGO pins and for external RFID sled to install RFID manager APK


              What could be the reason for not installing the application.


              Thank you,