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    Scanner demo not working- PsionTeklogixDemoApplication of MDSDK 6 on Workabout Pro 4

    Johannes Kamani


      The device is a Workabout Pro 4 with Windows CE 6. We are programming in VB.NET.


      I am trying to get the example "PsionTeklogixDemoApplications" running. Almost all examples are working fine, exept the scanner example.


      As soon as I select "Scanner" or "Scanner2" in the example list, the software gets an excaption.


      This examption is happening in the codeline


           Me.ScannerServicesDriver1 = New PsionTeklogix.Barcode.ScannerServices.ScannerServicesDriver


      Exeption text is the following:



      System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception was unhandled




          at PsionTeklogix.Win32.ThrowException()

          at PsionTeklogix.Barcode.ScannerServices.ScannerServicesDriver.GetHandle()

          at PsionTeklogix.Barcode.ScannerServices.ScannerServicesDriver..ctor()

          at PsionTeklogixDemoApplications.ScannerTest.OnLoad()

          at System.Windows.Forms.Form._SetVisibleNotify()

          at System.Windows.Forms.Control.set_Visible()

          at System.Windows.Forms.Control.Show()

          at PsionTeklogixDemoApplications.frmLaunchPad.callScanner()

          at PsionTeklogixDemoApplications.frmLaunchPad.lstLaunch_SelectedIndexChanged()

          at System.Windows.Forms.ListBox.OnSelectedIndexChanged()

          at System.Windows.Forms.ListBox.WnProc()

          at System.Windows.Forms.Control._InternalWnProc()

          at Microsoft.AGL.Forms.EVL.EnterMainLoop()

          at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run()

          at PsionTeklogixDemoApplications.frmLaunchPad.Main()



      Am I using the wrong library? Besides the MDSDK there is a EMDK. Unfortunatly the EMDK doesn't contain any example but a documentation only.


      Thank you very much