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    Can multiple user accounts/passwords be stored on MC92N0-G (WinCE)?

    Caroline Beltran

      We are interested in purchasing 5 MC92N0-G (WinCE) scanners to replace our laptop/USB Scanner hardware.


      I've never used a WiFi scanner and need to know if it is possible to store approximately 20 user accounts / passwords locally on each scanner.  My plan would be to replicate this to each scanner.


      By authenticating a user, we can transmit the username + partnumber to the application server with each scanned part, e.g.: cbeltran-1111111111.




      1) Is it possible to store up to 20 user accounts/passwords on the MC920N0-G (WinCE)?


      2) If the answer to #1 is 'yes', is it necessary to create a configuration profile (lan settings, etc.) for each user or would all of the user accounts use a single configuration profile?


      Thank you

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          Caroline Beltran

          1) I've done some research on Windows Compact 7 and it appears that this OS does not support multiple user accounts.


          2) It appears that we'd have to write our own client authentication interface using Visual Studio 8 that would execute on Windows Compact 7.


          As a better alternative to #2, I'm thiniing of having each employee log in to a desktop PC with his/her username/password and have them scan an on-screen barcode that links the scanner to their user id.  Using this method, each scanner can prefix a scanner id when transmitting the barcode to our application server.  Our application server knows who each barcode scanner is assigned to.


          What are your thoughts to this alternative?