Bluetooth headset recommendations for TC51

I've been evaluating the TC51 device, running Android, for a voice application (voice recognition and text-to-speech). The placement of the headset connector seems to interfere with the scanner, so I believe a Bluetooth headset is probably the better choice.

Zebra makes the HS3100 headset, but this device only supports the Bluetooth Hands-free profile (HFP 1.6). It is only available for calls and not for standard audio output from the TC51.

Does anyone have any recommendations for other Bluetooth headsets that support the A2DP profile for audio? I've seen the BlueParrott B350-XT which seems like a good fit, but am curious if there are any others that zebra users have found to be good choices in a warehouse environment.

I'm looking for, in general:

1) A2DP Bluetooth profile support for audio.

2) Rugged Headset/microphone for a warehouse environment.

3) Single earpiece.

4) NFC support for pairing, with easy pairing to different TC51 computers.

5) Good battery charging support. Able to last a full 8 hr. shift on a single charge.


Andrea Magnoni
Hello Robert,I run into the

Hello Robert,

I run into the same issue, integrating a HS3100 with a voice application on a TC55 device.

It took a couple of days to me, to make the HS3100 usable by the voice application.

What you actually need is to route the device audio to the connected (bonded) bluetooth headset.

I took the basic ideas from the follwong project:

GitHub - sauravpradhan/AnySound2BT: Force android to play audio and MP3 in non-A2DP BT headset.

I hope this to be of some help.


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Juha Nevamaki
Try this headset: https://www
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