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    Printing multiple column lables

    cliffy ah ling



      I am using a ZT230 and would like to know of there are any other ways to print labels that have multiple 'columns'

      The full size of the label is 80mmx196mm which consist of 4 'columns'/labels which looks like this:


      4 Labels per A4 Sheet, 45 mm x 285 mm


      The I have it working now is I treat the entire label as 1 label split the details between the 4 'columns'.


      Does anyone know if there is another way of doing this?


      Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

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          Robin West

          Hi Cliffy,

          There are several options.

          If the data you are printing is accessible by column, you can set up Text Blocks or Field Blocks for each column. Then you can enter the data simply column by column.  This may be what you are doing already.


          Another option is more in your software, setting up a table and controlling the x,y values of each cell.  These would be entered as separate fields with the ^FT command. 


          The third option is handling each row as a separate label.  You have to keep track and make sure you aren't going to print off the end of the label. Each row would look like: ^XA^MNN^LL(line height)^FO0,0^FDcol1 data^FS^FO20,0^FDcol 2 data^FO40,0^FDcol3 data^FO60,0^FDcol4 data^XZ

          The last row would need to have ^XA^MNY^FO0,0^FD...  ^XZ  in order for it to properly handle the gaps between the labels.


          Hope that helps,Robin