ZD420t (300dpi) DataMatrix variable field bar code data character limit?


I created a label template in Zebra Designer to be able to quickly print out a specific label (MAT-Label 70x48) with Data Matrix code as variable bar code data. The problem I encountered is that, when I paste the input data for the Data Matrix code during Print function the generated code has only 126 instead of 210+ characters. The sample input data for a Data Matrix code would look like that:

[)>@06@12S0002@P00196508A0@1PE0151CIT00003 @31PE0151CIT00003@12V316111702@10VJPN-TOKYO @2P@20P@6D20120323@14D20130323 @30PY@Z5a@K6100004089@16K3551354 @V310734@3SS000001069425@Q1200NAR000@20T1@1T126A006C@2T @1ZCN-N1@@

I tried to change the maximum number of characters to 300 and still all I get is:

[)>@06@12S0002@P00196508A0@1PE0151CIT00003 @31PE0151CIT00003@12V316111702@10VJPN-TOKYO @2P@20P@6D20120323@14D20130323 @30PY@Z5

When I generate the Data Matrix code as "Fixed bar code data" the generated DM has all the characters.

I am using the latest Zebra Designer (Basic) software: 2.5.0 (9424)

The printer is running the latest firmware: V84.20.10Z

Datamatrix properties: X and Y expansion factor: 5, Default Code page, Aspect ratio: 52x52.

With kind regards

Krzysztof Starzynski