How to Print Png image using Javascript and PHP

We are Developing application where we required to print Image through Zebra Printer. The application uses Zebra Js Files from which we are able to print text. But we are facing problem in printing Image.

  1. I'm converting .png image to .grf using php (Ref image2grf)
  2. Sending Parameter using following lineselected_printer.send("^XA^FX Second section with recipient address and permit information. ^CFA,30 ^FO50,30^FD"+$("#user").val()+"^FS ^FO50,70^FD"+$("#compName").val()+"^FS ^FO50,110^"+$("#mob").val()+"^FS ^FO50,150^FD"+$("#email").val()+"^FS ^FO50,190^FDTo Meet:"+$("#toMeet").val()+"^FS ^FO50,230^FDPurpose:"+$("#reason").val()+"^FS ^FO50,260^FDAuthorise to Carry e-Device:"+mob+" "+lap+" "+other+"^FS ^FO50,220^FDAuthorise to Carry e-Device:"+mob+" "+lap+" "+other+"**^FO20,20^XGR:SAMPLE.GRF,1,1**^FS^XZ");

Please provide the Solution