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    DS2278 iOS SDK, Getting started

    Jose Angarita



      We want to integrate the Zebra DS2278 digital scanner into our iOS application, but I'm having problems finding a 'Getting Started' guide or something that points me in the right direction to start integrating it.


      I found this iOS SDK developer guide, but on the supported scanners section it only lists the following scanners:


      • CS4070
      • RFD8500
      • DS3678
      • LI3678


      On the Scanner SDK for iOS Support & Downloads I only see a demo app to download but no library, nor a link to cocoapods or some explanation on how to add the SDK on my project.


      Can someone point me in the right direction to get started? Should I just copy the libsymboldt-sdk.a in the Demo App to my project?


      Thank you in advance!

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          Steven Si

          DS2278 is not an Apple MFi certified. So its Bluetooth SPP does not work with iOS devices. Therefore, the this iOS SDK developer guide is not applicable to DS2278.


          However, the Bluetooth LE on DS2278 is not subjected to Apple MFi certification. So DS2278 can connect to iOS device over the Bluetooth LE. You can refer to DS2278 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide on how to connect over BT LE. Hope this helps.

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              Jose Angarita

              Hi Steven, thank you for the answer, but I'm a bit confused because in the Sample App referenced in the iOS SDK developer guide I have successfully connected to the scanner and make use of some SDK functions (Like changing volume, pulling/releasing the trigger programmatically, etc.) which I don't think would be possible without the SDK, I was just thinking that the documentation wasn't updated yet.


              Are you absolutely sure this scanner is not supported by the SDK?

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                  Steven Si

                  Hi Jose,


                  I am sorry for the confusion. I should have retracted the second sentence in my earlier response. The Scanner SDK for iOS does support DS2278. But keep in mind that the SDK works with DS2278 only over the Bluetooth Low Energy. Please refer to the link above for more details. You can also find the matching developer guide on the same page pointed to by the above link.

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                      Jose Angarita

                      Thank you Steven, maybe do you know why the following Swift code doesn't return any scanners? (I've already successfully connected to the DS2278 via bluetooth and I'm receiving the scan codes on any app)


                      if let instance = SbtSdkFactory.createSbtSdkApiInstance() {




                                  var availableScanners: NSMutableArray! = NSMutableArray()

                                  var activeScanners: NSMutableArray! = NSMutableArray()






                      Both, the availableScanners and activeScanners are always empty. I'm receiving the following logs:


                      when calling sbtSetOperationalMode  "Remove incompatible devices for new op mode"

                      when calling sbtEnableAvailableScannersDetection "Perform discovering once option becomes enabled"

                      when calling sbtGetAvailableScannersList "Failed to start requested manual discovery"