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    DS2278 iOS SDK, Getting started

    Jose Angarita



      We want to integrate the Zebra DS2278 digital scanner into our iOS application, but I'm having problems finding a 'Getting Started' guide or something that points me in the right direction to start integrating it.


      I found this iOS SDK developer guide, but on the supported scanners section it only lists the following scanners:


      • CS4070
      • RFD8500
      • DS3678
      • LI3678


      On the Scanner SDK for iOS Support & Downloads I only see a demo app to download but no library, nor a link to cocoapods or some explanation on how to add the SDK on my project.


      Can someone point me in the right direction to get started? Should I just copy the libsymboldt-sdk.a in the Demo App to my project?


      Thank you in advance!