Browser Print Printer Compatibility?

Is the UPS LP2844 printer compatible w/ Browser Print?

  • My LP2844 is connected via USB.
  • It can successfully print TEST labels from the print properties via Devices and Printers.
  • The Zebra Browser Print Demo seems to recognize the device, yet attempts to print labels yield the following message: "An error occurred while printing. Please try again.".
  • My LP2844 printer has a part number starting with a 120xxx - considering this tidbit: - does this mean me and my printer?
  • If I do have an incompatible printer, what model is recommended for the printing of 4x6 UPS and FedEx labels with Browser Print?

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Hi Ian, You are right in that

Hi Ian, You are right in that the LP2844 is just too old to handle this.  Zebra hasn't built them for about 9 years.  You can use it's replacement, the Gx420d, or it's replacement the new ZD420.

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