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    problem printing small tags

    Guy Russell

      I am having difficulty encoding the epcs on small tags. I have tried manual tag and rfid calibration, tried factory reset and manual calibration again and calibrating from the Zebra Setup Utilities application. I am using 2 sizes of tags - 2 inch by 1 inch and 1 inch by 1/2 inch - all Monza 6. I am using the Link OS package in a XAML application to send the ZPL to a brand new ZD500R printer (V74.20.01Z). The larger tags print and encode just as they're supposed to. The smaller tags behave themselves while printing only - with the exception that the printer skips a tag, prints a tag, skips a tag, prints a tag... When I add the instruction to encode the epc : $"^RS8^RFW,H,,,,^FD{Epc}^FS" or $"^RFW,H,,,,^FD{Epc}^FS" I start encountering all sorts of odd behavior (this works perfectly on the larger tags). Sometimes it skips a tag, prints VOID, skips a tag, prints a tag, etc or sometimes it just spits out a half a dozen VOID tags and sometimes some of those actually have the correctly encoded epcs! Can anyone give me a hint as to why am I getting such erratic results?

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          Manuel Caicedo-Rivera

          Hi Guy,


          Please, could you share the full ZPL code that you are using. The ZPL for  a 2 x 1 tag, should be adjusted for 1 x 1/2 tag dimensions. Not only RFID calibration is required, it is also recommended to do a label calibration , and review if the label area for the small tag is covered in the label for ZPL printing commands correctly. Also, could you share the "allcv" report of the printer, so we can review if there are settings of the printer that need to be adjusted as well. Otherwise, the best channel to work this type of issues should be through our Technical Support team, you can request to open a ticket.




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              Guy Russell

              Hi Manuel,


              Thank you  for your reply. I both performed both label and rfid calibration each time I switched sizes. I used the same ZPL for both sizes - the small tags is printed correctly, the larger tag simply gets the printing in the upper left quadrant. The larger tags get the expected printing and the epcs are correctly encoded.


              I know how to get the "Printer and Network Configuration Reports", but cannot find anything in the user guide as to what the "allcv" report is - could you please clarify?



              FO15,0A0N32,18FDSome TextFS

              FO15,20A0N32,18FDSome TextFS

              FO150,20A0N32,18FDSome TextFS

              FO15,40A0N32,18FDSome TextFS

              FO150,40A0N32,18FDSome TextFS

              FO15,60A0N32,18FDSome TextFS





              I normally wouldn't use the ^RS8, but was trying to see if it made a difference and it didn't seem to cause any trouble.