Character Missing from Barcode

We're seeing specific instances where a character is being dropped from the barcode content when labels are printed on our various Zebra printers.  In all cases, the letter N is the character dropped.  We are using the DataMatrix barcode format.  This is happening in all of our GX420D, TLP2844Z & QLN220.  This is not happening in our much older Zebra printers.  The solution for the first two examples below is to prepend/append an N to the content we send to the printer, but that's not a true solution and I have no way to insert the extra N into my 3rd scenario.  Has anyone else seen something like this or know what our issue may be?  Here is the barcode string:  ^BXN,3,200,16N,,80,N^FH^FDSY18-00012 N^FS

Data Sent

Barcode Content

(underscore = missing character)

NY18-00001 A _Y18-00001 A
SY18-00001 N SY18-00001 _
SY18-00001 N1-1 SY18-00001 _1-1

Jim Noll
I believe I have this figured

I believe I have this figured out.  Our program is only sending 6 of the 7 parameters listed for ^BX, the last being an N in the g (escape character) position.  When I change that parameter to the default ~, my barcode works.  If I change it to an S, the SY is dropped.  I believe our vendor will have to update their code.

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