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    ZC350 magnetic encoding without SDK

    Ian Bakker

      I just "upgraded" to a ZC350 printer having used an older Zebra and then an Evolis card printer with mag. encoding. Previously, it was very easy to write to Track 1 just by sending a string to the card printer enclosed by the sentinels or delimiters. Is this still possible with the ZC350? I've installed the Link-OS SDK but I don't use Java nor .Net for the Point of Sale application that I use in house.


      Any suggestions?

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          Stephen Troup

          I've got ZC350 with which I've attempted to print the macro for mag encoding from word as a test, on the old P310 and p420 series this would encode cards, it doesn't do anything except print a blank card - no mag encoding.


          Looking through the manuals for the ZC Windows driver I'd say that the old method used for mag encoding aren't available on the ZC300 series printers. I've also got the feeling it isn't available on the ZXP 3, 7, 8 and 9 ranges either.


          If you're using C++ in MS Visual Studio you might be able to use the .Net sdk if you enable cli compatibility on the project as you should be able to reference the .net classes.