Can't call Inventory.perform(RFIDReader, PostFilter, ...) in API3


I just updated my app from API3 the new API3 library. I have an existing call to start inventorying:

reader.Actions.Inventory.perform(myPostFilter, someTriggerInfo, myAntennaInfo);

Now my application can't compile. It's complaining about 'myPostFilter'. Apparently, the PostFilterInfo class doesn't exist anymore. I took a look at the com.zebra.rfid.api3.Inventory class and I found this:

public void perform(bh postFilterInfo, TriggerInfo triggerInfo, AntennaInfo antennaInfo)

Looking at the class, it appears to be a default-internal class

// Source code recreated from a .class file by IntelliJ IDEA
// (powered by Fernflower decompiler)
package com.zebra.rfid.api3;
class bh {
     public TagPatternBase a;
     public TagPatternBase b;
     public bz c;
     private FILTER_MATCH_PATTERN d;
     private boolean e;

     public FILTER_MATCH_PATTERN a() {
         return this.d;

     public boolean b() {
         return this.e;

Is there some new way to call Inventory.perform?

Ifor Darby-Hoskin
Hi,I am very new to the SDK


I am very new to the SDK but I found this in the javadoc

perform(com.zebra.rfid.api3.PostFilter postFilterInfo, TriggerInfo triggerInfo, AntennaInfo antennaInfo)

Not Supported in the Android RFID SDK.

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