how to LockDown Zebra Device CC5000-10 and android nav/notification bars



we are looking to lockdown the zebra device CC5000-10 for a "kiosk" android application, the first thing that was done, was to install the enterprise home screen ed enable the kiosk mode.
but even with the kiosk mode the user can still use all the buttons on te nagivation bar (the bottom one), and can still pulldown and use the notification bar (can't go to the settings, but can still disable wireless, airplane mode etc..).

there is a way to hide the navigation/notifications bars or totally disable all the buttons and the pulldown on the top bar?


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Hi Tobia,

Contact technical support with this - there are some custom patches which can be used to enable/disable the Nav bar buttons.

To get rid of the settings on the pull down menu have a look at the Enterprise home screen XML config - try disabling quick settings.

Alternatively MX can be used to restrict access to the pull down menu - UIManager: disable quick settings.

You can generate XML for distribution with an MDM using StageNow or create a barcode which can be scanned with the StageNow agent. Lots of great documentation here!
Available Product Documentation - Zebra Technologies Techdocs