TC20: Javascript keyup events not working

We've written a simple web app for an access control system. The page needs us to scan a barcode and submit a Line Feed (10) or Carriage Return (13).

We've configured the Data Wedge on the TC20 to add a Carriage Return (13) on scan, and that works just fine on a web browser text field. We're using Chome on the TC20.

Our Javascript page has a global listener which we can see from the debug output is not getting the barcode characters on the keyup event, it is just submitting Null (0) and then the Carriage Return (13).

We know our javascript page with global listener works just fine as we can go to the same URL on a Windows 10 PC with Chrome and scan the same barcode with a trust old Symbol LS2208 USB scanner, and the debug output shows the barcode characters each being submitted and then the Carriage Return. Indeed the scan gets submitted and our page gives the Access Denied / Access Granted result it should. there some reason why javascript keyup (or keydown - we tried both) events are just being ignored?

- We don't want to write and manage a full fat application, we want to use a web browser.

- We don't want to use a text box as this requires the operator to retain focus on that field.


Anders Grandt
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