EMDK profile Code128 length limits not working


I'm trying to use an EMDK profile with length limitations for a Code128 barcode.

The target device is a TC56 with MX version

I created the profile through the profile manager of EMDK for Android v6.9.

The profile I'm using: see attached files

Code128 configuration:

<characteristic type="Code128">

          <parm name="decoder_code128_length1" value="16"/>

          <parm name="decoder_code128_length2" value="25"/>

          <parm name="decoder_code128_redundancy" value="false"/>

          <parm name="decoder_code128_enable_plain" value="true"/>

          <parm name="decoder_code128_enable_ean128" value="true"/>

          <parm name="decoder_code128_enable_isbt128" value="true"/>

          <parm name="decoder_code128_isbt128_concat_mode" value="0"/>

          <parm name="decoder_code128_check_isbt_table" value="false"/>

          <parm name="decoder_code128_security_level" value="1"/>

          <parm name="code128_enable_marginless_decode" value="false"/>

          <parm name="code128_ignore_fnc4" value="false"/>


I applied the profile through the async API as described here. Debugging the callback methods that would indicate the profile could not be applied or that they would contain an error give no indications something went wrong. I've also included the my EMDK wrapper implementation in the attached files.

While scanning works, the length limits to only allow barcodes between 16 and 25 characters is not working. For example, I'm able to scan the following barcode contents (Received in AsyncUpdateScanData.doInBackground and AsyncUpdateScanData.onPostExecute):

  • A12345
  • This is way longer than 25 characters

When using the same configuration in Datawedge, the length limitations work.

Am I doing something wrong or is there something else I need to do to enable the length limitations when using the EMDK?