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    DataWedge and Android at Work

    David Combs



      I am developing an android app that uses DataWedge 6.6 (TC20) for barcode scanning. When my app is under the personal profile it can add DataWedge profiles using the API intents and can successfully receive scanned barcodes via intents.


      When the app I am developing is added to an Android at Work profile it can no longer send or receive intents from DataWedge. How can I setup DataWedge so it will work with my app when it is under an Android at Work profile ?


      Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi David,


          The Android for Work profile is designed to be used in the BYOD use case, meaning that profile is designed to accommodate employees who wish to bring their personal devices to work and be able to run company applications in a manner where their employer can be confident of the security & manageability of the environment those applications are running in.  Because the TC20 is not designed as a consumer device, i.e. nobody is going to use it as their personal device (beyond a few die hards I share an office with) DataWedge does not support the work profile in the manner you describe.


          I believe you should be looking at 'Device Owner' mode and this Google resource is a good start.  If however I misunderstood and you DO wish to use TC20 with a work profile then I would appreciate if we could talk through your use cases a bit more.

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