Step By Step Procedure for Implementing Bug Report Manager using C# programatically

Hi All,

We are trying to implement Bug Report Manager (bugreportmgr) in our project.

We are trying to call the Bug Report Manager using “com.symbol.mxmf.intent.START_FOR_BUG_REPORT” intent action but no luck. We are not able to generate bug report.

We are not able to find the Broadcast Receiver name in the document.

Can someone help us by explaining step by step procedure to generate bug report using Bug Report Manager.

Also can you please explain us how to use the  broadcast message com.symbol.mxmf.intent.START_FOR_BUG_REPORT”.

Also explain all the settings we need for generating bug report.

Can you confirm will this intent will work without enabling the USB debugging on the device.

Can you please confirm whether any storage path can be set a input parameter so that file can be stored in the prescribed path.

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Jagen,Just to be clear, we

Hi Jagen,

Just to be clear, we are talking about the Bug Report manager at Bug Report Manager - Zebra Technologies Techdocs .

I have not had the opportunity to try it myself but hopefully the following will help:

  • BugReport Manager is configured using an EMDK Profile.  There is not a specific sample app available but the principles of creating a profile are explained in the getting started tutorial, Your First EMDK For Xamarin Application - Zebra Technologies Techdocs
  • Make sure in your profile you set 'Bug Report Handling' to use the Zebra Bug Report Manager
  • You should also configure all other settings such as storage path in that profile.
  • Personally, I recommend testing first with the Bug Report button (show it as part of your profile and it will appear in the power menu) before trying to initiate the bug report via Intent, that way you know the reporting action is working first.
  • There is no broadcast receiver, the intent will start the reporting process (same action as pressing the But report button) but the output will be the same (file in storage, file in cloud, email), depending on how you configured the profile.

I can confirm this WILL all work without USB debugging enabled.

Hope that helps.

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Jagan Mohan Reddy
Hi Darryn,Thanks for the

Hi Darryn,

Thanks for the quick response.

Can you please explain step by step how to configure BugReport Manager using EMDK Profile programmatically.

Also can you please explain step by step how to set Bug Report Handling in EMDK profile to use Zebra Bug Report Manager programmatically.

Also can you please explain step by step how to configure  settings such as storage path in the EMDK profile programmatically.

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