Browser accepts no enter from MDF and error displayed in MDF

Scanner: DS8108-SR00007ZZWW

Scanner version: CAACZS00-002-R02

123scan2 version: v4.5.11.0

browsers tested: firefox 62.0, IE 11

OS: Windows 7

connection: USB cable,  HID Keyboard emulation

keyboard country type: german

country code page: default for a set country type


I got a zebra barcode scanner some weeks ago. So my first problem is, when i try to scan with output in notepad/word etc. it lloks like this:




(In this example Barcode1 is Code 128, Barcode 2&3 are Code 39, I have 7 different MDF Rules total, 1 ADF rule total)

but if i try to put it into a browser field it looks like this:


my MDF code for this example looks like this (3 times):

1. send all that remains

2. send ascii key <error>

The error works like an enter here. See below.

my ADF code looks like this (append an enter):

1. send all that remains

2. send extended key <enter>

My 2nd problem is, the MDF shows an error instead of enter. I am kinda sure before an update to 123scan2 it showed enter even in the dropdown menu. But now, I cant find it anymore and I have to copy the error from other MDF rules.

I think both problems connect to each other but I am not sure. Help is appreciated


Maurice Cockx
I got rid off the "send ascii

I got rid off the "send ascii key <error>" message by rolling back to 123scan version 4.511. But it still doesnt work in browser

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