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    Zebra EMDK/Xamarin and AppManager Sample?

    Khai-Van Phu

      Hi Zebra developers,


      I am looking for a similar sample source code as the one provided here in Android Studio/Java but for Xamarin/C#.


      App Manager - Zebra Technologies TechDocs


      Khai-Van PHU

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          Khai-Van Phu

          With little effort I made a porting of sample App Manager originally for Java/Android Studio to Xamarin/Visual Studio.


          The configuration + hardware + software I used.

          • Visual Studio Community 2017 version 15.9.2 with support of Xamarin for Android installed
          • Zebra EMDK for Xamarin v3.0.0.41
          • Oracle JDK 1.8.0_191 (64 bits)
          • TC20 Android 7.1.2 BSP 04.14.30 with LifeGuard Patch 6 – Android security patch level of October 1, 2018


          For demo purpose I’ll use Zebra Enterprise Browser as the application to install/update/uninstall using the AppManager feature provided by the Xamarin EMDK. See screenshots below and description.


          1. Locate and launch ProfileAppMgrSample1 icon once installed onto the TC20
          2. Proceed to the installation of Enterprise Browser v1.7.1 (3.apk)
          3. Verify that Enterprise Browser is installed
          4. Notice the version of Enterprise Browser
          5. Proceed to the update of Enterprise Browser to version 1.8.0 (4.apk)
          6. Notice that Enterprise Browser has been updated to version 1.8.0
          7. Uninstall Enterprise Browser and check that it has been removed of the device


          1.png    3.png


          4.png    5.png


          6.png    7.png




          The complete Visual Studio solution with the source code is too large in size for me to attach it with this post. Thinking now how to make it available on GitHub.

          Feel free to leave me a comment or message if you have any remark/suggestion.


          Khai-Van PHU

          Zebra French Sales Engineer.