Turn FX7500 or FX9600 read data into keystrokes

Good morning,

We are looking for a PC application that turns the read data coming from the fixed readers into keystrokes. Actually, it seems that Impinj has a similar application, so this is easily used for small/medium companies that wants to invest in RFID and replace scanners by RFID.

We know that it can be developed by SDKs and to have a full integration with customers, but this cannot be accomplished by those small companies where a FX7500 can fit. they want to use PowerSession and Sessionone to configure but once it is done, the read data to be on the cursor field, as a keystroke.


Ignacio Ruiz

Ignacio Ruiz
Hi all,I have just learn that

Hi all,

I have just learn that the HID mode is not yet supported by our fixed readers.

Impinj’s software is called Impinj Speedway Connect and is a licensed piece of software.


Ignacio Ruiz

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