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    Barcode sample Xamarin

    Alexander Friesen


      does somebody a working Xamarin barcode sample, that works for actual Visual Studio 2017? If yes, please could you provide your code and information how to get it working. Because the sample here on the zebra website doesn't work for me.



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          Stuart Crawshaw

          Please see the attached, Updated to the latest Xamarin Framework. Successfully deployed to an MC330M.

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              Alexander Friesen

              Thank you Stuart,

              which version of Visual Studio do you use. I tried your sample, but it causes the same java unhandled exception: Unable to instantiate activity .

              I use Visual Studio Professional the last version 15.8.6

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                  Stuart Crawshaw

                  Version 15.8.5:


                  I also installed the EMDK  Extension in Tools > Extensions as well as the pre-package from NuGet.


                  What device are you deploying to as it does seem there could be extra steps required if your device is Android Lollypop or lower.


                  Im new to this though so that could be wrong (only started dev on this device/SDK yesterday).


                  (also, please do not use any of the code as is from the example, if you manage to get it running. The BarcodeReaderStatus class especially is just bad design, but helps to proove a point, which was the scope of that "throw away" code.)



                  Code running with breakpoint hit after the init of scanner: