Browser Print Error - Possibly Security Issue


I have a web app that prints to a usb connected Zebra Printer. Everything works fine from my dev machine over http. However, when I try to use from a remote web server over https I get this error.

An error occured while attempting to connect to your Zebra Printer. You may not have Zebra Browser Print installed, or it may not be running. Install Zebra Browser Print, or start the Zebra Browser Print Service, and try again.

Browser Print is running, because I can go to my local version of the site and it works.

I see this in the Chrome Developer Tools:

I tried to go to https://localhost:9101/ssl_support
Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from localhost (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more


I can click Advanced and proceed to localhost (unsafe) but then it says Nor Secure for my whole website.

What is the easiest way to get this working over https?

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Hi Elmar,

ZD410 is supported. Please, follow Christopher's directions, here, below the Steven's blog explaining in detail how to setup the environment correctly to test the new version of Browser Print.


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Yes, it happens when the web-app is still pointing to the previous version of JavaScript, if you remove the old version, and use only the new version of JavaScript that comes with the new installation kit, it should work fine.


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Yes, the latest version was updated last week on Browser Print product page

This release v includes the following changes:

The MAC installer is now signed.
Fixed an issue on MAC where the app could crash when switching USB connected printers.
Corrected an issue where some Chinese and Korean characters did not print.
Enhanced the demo application.
Improved behavior of the settings window on MAC so it appears in front of the active program.
HTTPS no longer uses a self-signed certificate. This removes the need to accept the certificate and removes the “Insecure” warning browsers displayed when using the self-signed certificate.


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You have done everything right so far, Browser Print will be updated soon with some improvements for this type of messages. We do not have a released date yet for this new version, but it is coming soon. We will notify you when this new version has been released.