EMDK For Xamarin 3.0 - Kitkat no longer supported. What now?

I was pleased to see that EMDK for Xamarin Nuget package has been updated from version 2.7rc to version 3.0.

However, on checking the release notes​, I was then disappointed to find out that the TC75 device and Kitkat & Lollipop operating systems are no longer supported in version 3.0.

I understand that updates and upgrades are necessary in order to maintain any reliable hardware and software.

In the long term, the company I'm working with will no doubt have to upgrade their devices to ones newer than TC75s (any suggestions as to which?) which will all have the latest Android OS.

In the short term, is it acceptable to stay on the 2.7rc Nuget Package and keep using TC75 devices? Or is there a better solution here? I will have to communicate this discontinued support to my client pretty soon and I need as much information as possible.

Javier Molina
It's ok to stay on the

It's ok to stay on the previous version. Typically, when support for devices is phased out in newer builds, the recommended approach is to keep using the most recent version of the EMDK that supported them.

Javier Molina

Technical Architect, Kutir Mobility

Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies

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