ZPL ^FH command doesn't match the right UTF-8 code.





The above ZPL command prints "í" ( small letter i with Acute). But the correct one is "¡" (inverted exclamation) as per the UTF-8 code  "c2a1". It happens with most of other characters.

I would like to print the character "ó" (small letter o with acute). The UTF-8 code for this character is "c3b3". when I use the above utf-8 character code. The printer doesn't print anything at all.

Please let me know what is the Encoding technique that ZPL use to print spanish or special characters.

Brian Moore
Dheeraj,The ZPL code for the


The ZPL code for the "ó" is:





The printer supports Code page 850, which can be found on page 1318 of the ZPL programming guide: https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra/manuals/printers/common/programming/zpl-zbi2-pm-en.pdf

A1 is the inverted exclamation point.

Brian Moore

Software Engineer Kutir Mobility

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