Using the print counter within a prn file


I am using a ZE 500 300dpi RH and sending it the .prn file indicated below.

The label is reprinted 1000 times according to the use of the ^PQ function.

My question is how can i get the field ^FT349,420^A0B,83,81^FH\^FD00001^FS to increment the value for every lable that is printed?  This would mean that the first label has a value of 00001 with the last a value of 01000.

Thanks in advance for you thoughts.









^FH\^FD00001 ^FS


^FT153,1611^A0B,83,81^FH\^FDProduct Description ^FS

^FT257,1611^A0B,83,81^FH\^FD+ Dose^FS

^FT358,1611^A0B,42,40^FH\^FDRegulatory Statement 1B^FS

^FT459,1611^A0B,50,50^FH\^FDStorage And Handling Instructions^FS

^FT564,902^A0B,50,50^FH\^FDQTY: 24 EA^FS

^FT564,1232^A0B,50,50^FH\^FDLOT: C123456^FS

^FT564,1611^A0B,50,50^FH\^FDEXP: DEC 2015^FS


EDIT:  Would I be correct in presuming that the best way to do this is by changing the text to a ^SN field ?

Dmitry Prokhorov
Hello Bryan,You are right,

Hello Bryan,

You are right, you need to use ^SN ZPL command. There is a command description and examples:

Dmitry Prokhorov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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