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I am trying to print label on 3 column labels but I am unable to adjust its height using zpl. After doing some research I found out that zpl doesnt have any specific command for column separation you just need to print them sequential. So I did that and was successful in print the labels. The width is not a problem at the moment but the height is causing issues. The labels are printed on alternative rows as you can see in the image below.

The Label width is 28*19mm, and the  information I was able to get from testing is:

Label Width: 224 (28 mm)

Distance Between Labels in dots: 15

Label One X = 0, Label 2 X = 239, Label 3 X = 478

Here is the zpl command that I am using:






^FO0,20^A0N,28^FDTest Message^FS

^FO240,20^A0N,28^FDTest Message 2^FS

^FO478,20^A0N,28^FDTest Message 3^FS


Please advise. Thank you.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-23 at 00.02.47.jpeg

Brian Moore
Yawar,The label height can be


The label height can be set using the Zebra Printer Setup Utility Support & Downloads | Zebra​. With this you can perform an automatic calibration, or you can set the label height manually.


Brian Moore

Software Engineer Kutir Mobility

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