EMDK 6.3 in Android Studio 3.1--How to Integrate

I am trying to integrate EMDK 6.3 into my project in Android Studio 3.1 on Windows 10. (6.3 is necessary in order to support Android 5.1 on a CC5000.)

-- I have downloaded and run EMDK-A-0603037.exe from the Zebra site..

-- It created "Symbol EMDK for Android" in Program Files (x86).

-- There is a checked entry for EMDK for Android in File-Settings-Plugins. Details show it is Version 6.3.2

But the EMDK menu in AS only shows a null pointer error when I click on either entry (Profile Manager, About). And when I add "implementation 'com.symbol.emdk:6.3'" (and 6.3.2) to my build.gradle file it tells me Could not find com.symbol:emdk:6.3 (and 6.3.2) and tells me it searched my AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/extras/ folder structure to find the .jar and .pom files without success.

In order to try to correct this situation:

  • I tried to apply the directions specified in as closely as I could given the variations in file structure between the beta version of the documentation and AS 3.1 in production. I do see EMDK APIs, Android 22, rev 623 checked in the SDK Platforms list in AS.
  • I also ran Integrator -install from the command line (as specified by the message that comes up when activated in the GUI) which told me the two paths were "Not installed!". When I chose to configure again, I get a message saying "Android Studio has been integrated with EMDK for Android successfully", but I have not seen it. The problems persist.

Note that, as an experiment, I have also tried to install EMDK 7.0 in my environment, also without success. I am of the understanding, however, that 6.3 is the latest version that fully supports Lollipop.