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    Zebra KR403 Reading Status Problems




      I've implemented a C# application/dll to continuously read the printer's status every ~30 seconds by calling the below sample code. Every time I run the application for quite some time (usually a few hours), it crashes on me and the app becomes unresponsive. The last logged exception from Zebra's SDK would be:


      Zebra.Sdk.Comm.ConnectionException: Malformed status response - unable to determine printer status

         at Zebra.Sdk.Printer.Internal.PrinterStatusZpl.GetPrinterStatus()

         at Zebra.Sdk.Printer.Internal.PrinterStatusZpl.UpdateStatus()

         at Zebra.Sdk.Printer.PrinterStatus.GetStatusFromPrinter()

         at Zebra.Sdk.Printer.Internal.ZebraPrinterZpl.GetCurrentStatus()


          printerConnection = UsbDiscoverer.GetZebraUsbPrinters().FirstOrDefault().GetConnection();
          printer = ZebraPrinterFactory.GetInstance(printerConnection);
          linkOsPrinter = ZebraPrinterFactory.CreateLinkOsPrinter(printer);
          ZebraPrinterStatus status = (linkOsPrinter != null) ? linkOsPrinter.GetCurrentStatus() : printer.GetCurrentStatus();
          string[] printerStatusString = new PrinterStatusMessages(status).GetStatusMessage();
          List<string> printerStatusPrefix = GetPrinterStatusPrefix(status);
          StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
          foreach (string s in printerStatusPrefix)
         foreach (string s in printerStatusString)
      catch (ConnectionException e)
      catch (ZebraPrinterLanguageUnknownException e)
          if (printerConnection != null)
              catch (ConnectionException ce)


      I've tested the app with different Zebra KR403 units we have. I've tested it on different Win10 machines we have. I've also tested it with PC-.NET v.2.13 but all tests would eventually lead to a crash. I've also tried different variations of the sample code:

      • I've tried opening the connection once and keeping it open (instead of opening it before each status-read and closing it afterwards)
      • I've tried sending the "~HQES" raw command to read the status such as:


      var printer = ZebraPrinterFactory.GetInstance(connection);
      byte[] buffer = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("~HQES");
      var response = connection.SendAndWaitForResponse(buffer, 5000, 5000, null);
      var result = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(resp);



      The crash dumps created by Windows (after the app crashes) state that a "0x0000005 access violation" occurred which most likely means that it was trying to access some memory that has been cleaned up.


      Is this a known issue? Any idea what's causing the crashes?



      Here's the environment I'm working with:

      Platform: Win10

      .Net Framework Version: 4.7

      LinkOS Version: PC-.NET 2.14.1989

      Printer: Zebra KR403



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          We are facing an identical issue, C# application crashing after a while performing periodic status reading (10 secs) from a dedicated worker thread.

          Platform: Win7 Embedded

          .Net Framework Version: 4.7.2

          LinkOS Version: 2.15.2634

          Printer: Zebra KR403 , using USB connection.


          Despite our app unhandled exception handler ( System.AppDomain.UnhandledException ), these crashes are never caught by our handler.

          Our application log files have shown repeatedly the last action before the crash was a call to the SDK ZebraPrinter.GetCurrentStatus() .


          We have tried several strategies regarding the ZebraPrinter and Connection instances, keep them alive to reuse them or Create-Use-Close.  Regardless, the crashes still occur.


          Here an example of the code being called periodically, inspired by the Zebra SDK documentation examples.


          public ZebraPrinterStatus ReadPrinterStatus()


          // find printer

          var discoveredUsbPrinters = UsbDiscoverer.GetZebraUsbPrinters();

          var discoveredUsbPrinter = discoveredUsbPrinters.FirstOrDefault(p => p.DiscoveryDataMap.ContainsKey("MODEL") && p.DiscoveryDataMap["MODEL"].Contains("KR403"));

          if (discoveredUsbPrinter == null)


              return null;



          var printerConnection = discoveredUsbPrinter.GetConnection();


          var zebraPrinter = ZebraPrinterFactory.GetInstance(printerConnection);

          // read status

          ZebraPrinterStatus status = zebraPrinter.GetCurrentStatus();

          // closing

          zebraPrinter = null;


          printerConnection = null;


          return status;