Scanning matrixcodes generated with Zebra CardStudio appends replacement characters


I'm facing a weird issue on a Zebra MC33 when scanning matrixcodes generated by Zebra CardStudio.

When I scan a matrixcode that has been generated using Zebra CardStudio inside the default chromium browser, then several replacement characters are appended in addition to the matrixcode's content.

These characters are not visible inside the form fields for username and password on a loginscreen-webpage where I'm inputting them, nor are they shown if I scan the matrixcodes in DWDemo or the Notes app.

However, the login on the webpage fails and returns a bad HTTP request due to the additionally appended characters. I can see this in Chromium that these replacement characters are being appended to the actual code content. I'll gladly provide some screenshots if anyone replies to this.

These appended characters look like the UTF-8 replacement characters and are also shown as %00%00%00 and so on in URLs.

Whem I am generating a matrixcode in Zebra CardStudio containing the string "username", and I scan this inside the chromium browser it's being rendered to "username%00%00%00%00" and I simply wonder why that is.

Some testing I have done:

  • scan the matrixcodes inside DWDemo and Notes app -> no special characters appended
  • use Chrome as a browser: same thing as Chromium, special characters appended
  • generate the matrixcode with an online code generator: no special characters appended, working just fine and as expected
  • messed with every setting in DataWedge after creating an application specific setting for chromium did not yield a solution
  • messing with settings inside CardStudio to no avail
  • created a matrixcode with ZebraDesigner, no special characters appended, scanning works just fine and as expected
  • Here's the weird part though: using Firefox as a browser and scanning the CardStudio matrixcodes on the MC33 and no special characters were appended

How can this be?

These matrixcodes are used to logon over the web into our ERP-System, thus we've encountered the problem that users cannot login anymore if we're using chromium on our newly purchased ZebraMC33 devices and are scanning the matrixcodes we've used before on non-zebra scanners.

Any help is much appreciated.

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