DataWedge Template Error

I’m trying to set up a Simulscan template in DataWedge (V 6.8.50) to scan three Code 39 bar codes at one time. I have created a template from an image, verified the template successfully, downloaded it to our Zebra MC3300 device template folder and I can access the template as a selection from the Default profile. However, when I select the template, I keep getting message – “Template Error: Invalid Template, Select a valid template”. According to Simulscan, if it verifies okay, it should work. I have tried several different ways to set up the template, they have all verified successfully but I still get the error message. The Default Barcode2.xml works fine but of course only captures two bar codes so I know the Datawedge/Simulscan app is working. I have tried the Simulscan Demo (V 3.0.2) but same issue. Any help on what I am doing wrong?

Attached is a sample label file I am using to create the template.