Google Play console Developer (private app distribution beta testing)

Hello, as descriped in your portal:

Is working but, now I want a step further.

The main production app we can publish to production is autoenroll with MobileIron (MDM).

But as you now we want not push a app update directly to our 350 Zebra TC56

The option is Google is to make App Releases a BETA or a Alpha (closed or open).

I can make it and add users, but when I click the link provided a get the message you are tester. But when I click the link to google play I get google play worldwide not the google play for our private app.

This is the reaction from google:

Hi Developer,

Thanks for your reply.

After checking, I noticed that your updated version is still in the closed beta track. Please click the "CHANGE TESTING METHOD" of the closed beta track, change the testing method to "open beta track," then you may end this open test first. After that, you may upload your testing app to the closed alpha track.

You may find more information here at our help center.

So do you know how to setup a BETA or alpha track to test a update for our app?

I hope you can help me.