How to Print Zebra GC420T on c# when shared printer.

Hi, My name is Yusuf.

İ have a printer of Zebra-GC420t model.

i print when is connected with usb port its ok.

İ wanna share this printer for my client (win10 x64) user to use on my software to print.

But i cant print.

Any one can help me ?

its my code ..

public void EtiketYaz(TabloList s)


foreach (DiscoveredUsbPrinter usbPrinter in UsbDiscoverer.GetZebraUsbPrinters())

catch (Exception)

"Yazıcı Bağlantısı Sağlanamadı.");



string t = "";

int y = 10;

if (s.ilad.Length < 6)

else if (s.ilad.Length > 6 & s.ilad.Length < 15)

else if (s.ilad.Length > 15)




"^FO070,30^A0N,30,30^FDBASKI TARIHI :" + DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString() + "^FS";

"^FO" + y + ",60^A0N,50,30^FD" + s.ilad + "^FS";

"^FO060,120^A0N,30,30^FD" + neresi + "^FS";

"^FO020,160^A0N,70,70^FD" + s.HostName + "^FS";

"^FO060,220^A0N,30,30^FDSERI NO: " + s.SeriNo + "^FS^XZ";


catch (Exception)



Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Yusuf,You want to set up

Hi Yusuf,

You want to set up the printer driver as a shared printer.

Then you change the discovery code to:

foreach (DiscoveredPrinterDriver printer in UsbDiscoverer.GetZebraDriverPrinters())

You should be able to then use that with shared printers. 

It is slower than direct USB connections though.

Hope this helps, Robin

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Yusuf Gunaydin
Hi Robin.Thnx for your help

Hi Robin.

Thnx for your help but its does not work.

ijust use like this command ;

Connection con = new Connection();

foreach (DiscoveredPrinterDriver p in UsbDiscoverer.GetZebraDriverPrinters())


con = p.GetConnection();}


it didnt work. What can i do more ?

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