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Is there a document, post or a link from Zebra officially to explain how we can communicate with the printers with WebSocket using JavaScript as a language?

I have checked quite a few links and documentations from the Zebra web site, but was unable to print anything through a ws connection.

I was able to receive the discovery message after the Main channel was opened:


"discovery_b64" : "OiwuBAIBAAFaQlIAAFgAAAA ..."


But after that, I was unable to connect with either a Raw Channel or a Configuration Channel, and thus unable to print anything from Javascript in the end.

It would be a great help if you can send the official documentation or even blogs (I couldn't find any) which specify on how I can print with JavaScript.

Thanks in advance.

Brian Moore
Amey,The documentation that


The documentation that you are looking for can be found in the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK | Zebra

Once this is installed, the websocket documentation can be found at the following path (assuming you installed to C:\)

C:\Program Files\Zebra Technologies\link_os_sdk\Webservices\v2.14.5198\documentation\Weblink WebSocket Endpoint Configuration.pdf


Brian Moore

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We have read the

We have read the documentation available online here…

The details on our tests :

  1. We have created our proper webSocket server node.js, with our endpoint
  2. We have launched the webSocket server
  3. We have configured the printer to connect on our endpoint with a tool jar
  4. We see on our log the packet { "discovery_b64" : "OiwuBAIBAAFaQlIAAFgAAAA ..." }. It means the printer is connected on the Main Channel.
  5. Then for printing, we try to open the raw channel with the command in JSON : { "open" : "” } , sent on the Main channel.
  6. Normally we must receive the message { "unique_id" : "XXXYYYZZZ", "channel_name" : "", "channel_id" : "2" } but we receive nothing, and the websocket client disconnects, with the error 1003.
  7. On documentation the explanations about the error 1003 are : « However, the printer only supports Binary frames. If the printer receives text frames it will terminate the connection with response code 1003 indicating that only binary frames are acceptable. »

The question : why after sending the command { "open" : "" }, the printer disconnect from webSocket server ?

PS: We converted the JSON command in Base 64 and Binary for sending to printer after reading the point 7 above, but that resolved nothing.

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