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    EB:MC3300 DisableAllIME

    Charalambos Stavrou

      Hello all,


      It's been a few days that we play around with EB and the compatibility with our current system (Oracle JDE 8.12) until we upgrade to the latest JDE version in a couple of months.

      You can see the current configuration of EB here.

      The website we accessing seems to work fine with EB however we are having some issues when we disable the touch keyboard.

      When we set <DisableAllIME value ="1"/> correctly the touch keyboard doesn't come up when we touch on an input field.

      But we have the two issues below:

      1. When we click on the Orange button in order to activate the typing of letters, only the first letter of every key is entered. (we have the 29-keys MC3300). For example if we want to type the letter C, usually we have to fast tap the number 2 key 3 times. Doing so, the letter A appears on the screen 3 times. This is for all the letters that are not in position 1 on their corresponding number key.
      2. Scanning (using the integrated barcode scanner along with datawedge) does not transfer the scanned value to the input field. For example, we tap on an input field and then scan a barcode. We get the optical and audible confirmation that the barcode was scanned successfully. However, no value is entered in the input field.


      Is there a way we can fix those two issues?

      Thank you all for your time,


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          Joydeep Chakraborty

          Hi Chralambos,

          For the Keyboard alternate keys not working issueplease see the following post.

          This is a bug and being fixed via SPR for MC3300 products. Please use that patch.

          Hardware keyboard MC3300 doesn't work in EB



          For the scanner data not entering into input field issue,please try EB version 2.0 Beta. This issue has been fixed there.

          Please contact Enterprise Browser product manager or  inbox me for access of Beta.




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              Charalambos Stavrou

              Hello Joydeep and thank you for EB v2.

              I read the topic you linked and I can confirm that hardware does not function as it should in chrome as well. In the url bar it works just fine but in any other text box does not. Just like in EB. I can see that you mentioned an available patch however, I can't see anything related to a patch in that topic. Where can I find and apply that patch?


              Also my second issue (scanner data not entering into input field in EB, when DisableAllIME is enabled) doesn't seems to be fixed with EB 2.0 in my case. I get the visual/audible feedback that the barcode was scanned correctly, however, no data is input in the text field in EB v2.

              Should I change any other options/seetings from config.xml or from DataWedge's settings? (I have usedwforscanning enabled in config.xml)


              Thank you one more time for your time and help.