TC51 + Simulscan + Velocity

Hi all.

I'll apologise now for using the wrong terminology

We have an issue with the 2D imager on this device changing from the wide scan light with the center aim dot to just the dot after 2 minutes on inactivity.

I'm trying to set it up so Datawedge\Simulscan will scan data to Velocity and it works fine whilst i'm scanning but if i make a coffee and come back the imager has reverted to a single dot.


We are capturing 4 specific barcodes in various locations on different size labels.

Label template has been validated in the template builder then uploaded to the device.

Restarting the device fixes the dot issue, also if i start Simulscan Demo (leaving Velocity running in the back ground), do a scan in there and go back to Velocity it then works.

Zebra TC510K

Android 7.1.2 Nougat

Lifeguard 11

Simulscan Version 3.0.2

Simulscan Engine 2.0.3

Datawedge 6.9.49

Velocity 2.0.3

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you.