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    [USBManagerProfile][UsbADBUsage] Error in setting a USB feature. Proxy API returned false for UsbADBUsage

    Iurii Rodyk

      Hello everyone!


      I'm following this example Manage USB Configurations - Zebra Technologies TechDocs  to have ADB switched on application startup.

      I'm doing everything step-by-step and reached a point where I cannot overcome error message:

      -- Proxy API returned false for UsbADBUsage


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><wap-provisioningdoc><characteristic type="status"><parm name="code" value="6"/><parm name="description" value="Review the XML for details"/><characteristic type="extended_status"><parm name="code" value="0"/><parm name="description" value=""/></characteristic></characteristic><characteristic-error type="UsbMgr" version="4.4" desc="Error in setting a USB feature"><parm-error name="UsbADBUsage" value="1" desc="Proxy API returned false for UsbADBUsage"/></characteristic-error></wap-provisioningdoc>


      The profile is applied if I change value for USBModuleUsage in example, but ADB does not let me to do so.

      Does anyone know what can be the problem? Should I do something on the device as well?


      I have Zebra TC51 with OSX version QCT.717.4.7 and MXMF version: Android version: 7.1.


      My profile looks like this:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!--This is an auto generated document. Changes to this document may cause incorrect behavior.--><wap-provisioningdoc>
        <characteristic type="ProfileInfo">
        <parm name="created_wizard_version" value="7.0.0"/>
        <characteristic type="Profile">
        <parm name="ProfileName" value="USBManagerProfile"/>
        <parm name="ModifiedDate" value="2018-11-14 12:07:24"/>
        <parm name="TargetSystemVersion" value="7.1"/>
        <characteristic type="UsbMgr" version="4.4">
        <parm name="emdk_name" value="HHTUSBManager"/>
        <parm name="UsbADBUsage" value="1"/>


      I'd be very thankful for any help!