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    Scanning Modes (UDI and Single) are not working parallel in data wedge

    kels rathod



      I am working on an android application and implemented data wedge.  In my screen, there are total three fields as below.


      1). Item Number (GS1 (UDI) barcode type)

      2). Organization (UPC-A barcode type)

      3). Subinventory (UPC-A barcode type)


      I have created a profile for data wedge. and configure it.  As per last discussion, for GS1 (UDI) barcode,  we have set UDI in scanning Modes.

      Did not get proper output from GS1 type barcode


      So, when I have set UDI in scanning mode, GS1 (UDI) barcode type are working fine but the device is not able to scan UPC-A barcode type.


      In my application, there are multiple types of the barcode will scan in one screen.  So, How can achieve this type of functionality.


      In data wedge profile, there is only two value (Single and UDI) in scanning mode at reader params.  My data wedge version is 6.6.50.  I think I need to update my data wedge application.  How can update data wedge application?